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Seamlessly Manage HR Software Integrations at Scale

A purpose-built iPaaS for the HR industry designed to solve your complex integrations and business process challenges.


Manage Your HR Integrations and Deliver Customer Benefits at Scale

Founded by HR technology experts with over two decades of software integrations expertise and 3,300+ integrations, TCC's proprietary integrations platform as a service (iPaaS), innovative CloudData™ language and expert professional services enable software companies and employers to benefit from HR integrations at scale, diminishing time and implementation costs.

Specializing in delivering complex HR software integrations that go well beyond simply connecting systems, TCC solves today’s complexity, reusability and scalability issues that other providers fail to address.

By partnering with us, you can trust your integrations are done right and are effectively managed to grow with and evolve to meet the demands of your expanding tech stack and diverse client needs.







Your Organization Needs A Strategic and Scalable Approach To Meet Today’s HR Integrations Landscape

As the market for HR software and cloud applications continues to evolve rapidly, HR tech stacks have expanded in lockstep, becoming more sophisticated and unwieldy. The traditional approach to managing HR software integrations that focuses on connecting system endpoints and point-to-point data transferability is obsolete in a world of ever-expanding tech stacks.

HR business processes are complex, and users demand a consumer-grade experience from their solution providers/employers. To meet this reality and solve increasingly sophisticated HR integration scenarios, the Founders of The Cloud Connectors (TCC) built the integration platform specifically for the HR industry they wished they had at Taleo and Oracle. With proprietary technology as the foundation, TCC’s completely different approach empowers solution providers and employers to manage HR integrations on a broad scale, growing with your organization as tech stacks expand and customer needs change.

We answer your unique HR connectivity challenges


Integration for Employers

Existing tech stack poorly executed? Lacking timely access to quality data? Complexity hindering system adoption? We help you find the right solution.

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Integration for HR Technology Solution Providers

Struggling with customer and prospect integration demands? Losing new business opportunities? Internal team overtaxed? We help you overcome roadblocks to maintain a competitive advantage.

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Integration for HR Consultants and System Integrators

Clients lacking integration capabilities? Prospects demanding integration best practices? Looking to productize integration and decrease delivery risk? We can help.

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Unlock the potential of your HR Software with our solutions

Our Connectors

Connect your solution using existing connectors or we can build one for you.

Our Platform

The Cloud Connectors iPaaS is 100% cloud-based and can be deployed anywhere. Developed for HR Tech, the platform offers unique features to optimize HRIS potential.

Our Experts

Delivering integrations that connect systems, information and people for more than 20 years.

Our Partners

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Case Studies

SuccessFinder | Workday Integration for Complex Assessment Business Process

"Working with The Cloud Connectors is hugely important for our success with our clients who require an integration. It would be difficult to operate without this, especially now."

- Carolyn Hass, Ph.D., Vice President, Product and R&D

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Corteva Agriscience | Workday + Complex HR Tech Stack

"The reason we selected The Cloud Connectors is because they understood moving people data and the associated terminology used in tandem with this domain. For example, I didn’t have to explain what a “referral” or an “offer” was; they just knew. This is really one of the things that I value. The Cloud Connectors’ experts know what to look for. They know the booby traps and the tricky issues that are inherent in the ways our vendors specifically handle the data."

- Ben Stone, Global Talent Acquisition Technology & Analytics Lead

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Southern Veterinary Partners | Scalable Ceridian iCIMS Integration

"When we were implementing our Ceridian and iCIMS integration, I was asking The Cloud Connectors for things I didn’t even have the words for. But they understood what we needed and made it work for us."

- Kyle Lieberman, HRIS Manager

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iA Financial Group | Integration at Scale with Major HRMS Providers

"TCC has helped us developing our HRIS solution by providing sound knowledge and support while being a flexible partner. The solution ultimately helped us acquire new clients and enhance the experience of existing clients.

Ultimately, we believed it was strategically better to go with an outside provider, therefore increasing this specific expertise and providing us flexibility and capacity."

- Jocelyn Guimond, Director Xconnect

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PARADOX | Oracle HCM product integration

"Integrations are hard, and clients have high expectations – this requires people you are confident in to get the work done. Having a trusted partner like The Cloud Connectors has been a big part of being able to deliver on our client's unique needs."

- Adam Godson, Chief Product Officer, Paradox

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Wildbrain | Integrated Cegid/TalentSoft and UKG platforms for streamlined workforce data management

“With The Cloud Connectors, this was not painful at all. It
was very simple.”

- Daryl Chappell, Senior Vice President of Studio
Operations at WildBrain Studios

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TRAVEL + LEISURE | Workday = Core HR System

"What we liked best about The Cloud Connectors is theirresponsiveness, their partnership approach, theiravailability and expertise, and, moreover, their open IPaaSand training support. This has allowed us to create manyof our required integrations ourselves and create aplatform on which we can continue to build."

- Steve Campion, Director, HRIS & HR Technology, Travel + Leisure Co.

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