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Seamlessly Manage HR Software Integrations at Scale

The Cloud Connectors (TCC) takes immense pride in our role as your trusted partner for navigating the intricate world of HR software integrations. Founded by HR industry experts with over two decades of software integration experience and a remarkable track record of 3,300 successful integrations, we have had the privilege of serving more than 300 global clients. TCC stands out as the only HR integrations partner that specializes in solving complex integrations and business process challenges at scale, catering to both solutions providers and employers.

We're not just about integrations – we're all about transformative solutions. Our specialty is handling even the most sophisticated integration scenarios, empowering you to seamlessly deploy solutions that drive your businesses forward.


Born and Raised in HR Technology


Our Story and Mission

In the ever-evolving HR technology landscape, integration is no longer a standalone task – it's a continuous, ever-evolving workflow. With organizations' tech stacks continually expanding and evolving, fixed HR tech configurations are a thing of the past. Here's how we are redefining the integration game:

  • A Bold Approach: The founders of TCC, all alumni of Taleo (now Oracle), shared a vision. We firmly believe that merely connecting individual platforms falls short when maximizing HR software's potential.
  • A Proprietary Revolution: Our proprietary integrations platform (iPaaS) is a game-changer, addressing complexity, reusability and scalability like never before. We harness native cloud computing language to provide you with an entirely new strategy.
  • Empowering the HR Ecosystem: With innovation and deep HR tech expertise at our core, we've designed a solution that drives transformative change. We empower you to effortlessly manage a growing portfolio of HR software integrations, breaking free from the constraints of heavy administrative burdens.
  • Optimizing for Success: Our vision at TCC is to liberate organizations and solution providers from the constraints of disjointed HR tech stacks. Say goodbye to reactive firefighting – embrace proactive software optimization.
  • End-to-End Integration Excellence: TCC proudly collaborates with over 15 leading HR tech solution providers, including Beamery, iCIMS and UKG. We are the go-to choice for Fortune 1000 companies seeking complex integration solutions.

We invite you to join us on this journey to streamline your HR software integrations, unlock untapped potential and stay ahead in an ever-changing tech landscape. Welcome to the future of integration management with The Cloud Connectors.

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Solve your customers’ integration challenges with robust, reliable solutions from The Cloud Connectors.


Your Trusted Partner in Solving Complex HR Integrations

Empowering solution providers and employers to manage HR integrations at scale.


Teamwork is our guiding principle. Complexity demands adaptation, and our close collaboration with you is the key to success.

At The Cloud Connectors, we excel in navigating the continuous and complex landscape of HR software integration. We specialize in resolving the most intricate integration scenarios and conquering your toughest HR business process challenges.

TCC firmly believes that how HR integrations are handled is central to business transformation. Our journey together begins with our proprietary HR iPaaS, purpose-built and native to the cloud. We offer pre-built 'Smart Connectors' that empower you to seamlessly manage all your HR software integrations on a broad scale.

Leveraging these innovations, our team of industry leaders joins you every step of the way. We provide expert consultation and project management, ensuring your HR integrations align with your business growth. Our philosophy and level of service are designed to empower you to redefine how HR integrations are handled, fully unlocking your HR software's capabilities to drive your business forward.

By partnering with TCC, you can have confidence that integrations are executed flawlessly and your team receives the support needed to accelerate the implementation of your robust and reliable integration solution.

"Integrations are hard, and clients have high expectations – this requires people you are confident in to get the work done. Having a trusted partner like The Cloud Connectors has been a big part of being able to deliver on our client's unique needs."

Adam Godson, Chief Product Officer, Paradox

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Our Team

Our HR technology experts empower you to navigate the world of complex HR software integrations.


TCC is the only HR software integrations provider with both the strategic perspective and practitioner expertise to help you transform how HR integrations are managed and deployed at scale.

What distinguishes our HR integrations experts:

  • Executive leadership that managed integrations at Taleo and Oracle.
  • Average of 20+ years of HR Technology experience.
  • Project experience serving global, F100 organizations.

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