iCIMS Partnership

In early 2023, iCIMS and The Cloud Connectors formed a strategic partnership, to support connecting iCIMS clients to their current HRIS systems and facilitating data transfers between other client software platforms.

Since 2015, The Cloud Connectors has successfully delivered over 3000 integrations across 1000 projects within the HR space. Renowned for its HR expertise and a robust HR integration platform, the company is recognized for providing reliable standard or tailored integration solutions from any HRIS or ATS. They achieve faster delivery at lower costs by leveraging pre-built smart connectors and a unique Integration Language.  The Cloud Connectors boasts an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 94 and employs a unique, scalable approach to integration projects. With a specialization in HR, they have developed deep domain expertise.

Through this partnership, iCIMS will leverage The Cloud Connectors' competencies and expertise to develop both tailored and standardized integration solutions for their customers. The Cloud Connectors will handle various integration projects on behalf of iCIMS customers, including HRIS/ATS integrations, integrations for iCIMS Marketing Automation, data migration, and data warehousing.

Here are some details about key offerings provided by The Cloud Connectors to iCIMS clients:

iCIMS Integration Solutions: 

  • Fast, secure, robust, and reliable integration solutions between iCIMS and HRIS/ATS systems (UKG, Greenhouse, Oracle Solutions, ADP, NetSuite, etc).

  • Utilization of The Cloud Connectors' HR expertise and dedicated platform to deliver exceptional integration solutions for iCIMS.

Data Migration to iCIMS:

  • Standardized data migration solutions from various systems (e.g., Workday, Taleo Enterprise Edition, SAP SuccessFactors, UKG) to iCIMS.

  • Direct API data migration process that supports transformations and cleansing of current and historical records.

  • Tailored solutions available based on specific requirements.

Data Warehouse from iCIMS to your BI solution:

  • We have the experience, skills and tools to extract iCIMS data from different sources (Flat File, XML, API) 

  • We can push the data to your Business Intelligence BI software like Visier, Snowflake, Tableau, One Model, Sisense, Power BI or other reporting software. 

iCIMS Marketing Automation Integration Solutions:

  • Simplify the integration of iCIMS Marketing Automation with any ATS using The Cloud Connectors' standard solution or customized solutions.

  • Turnkey solutions  available for various ATS platforms, including Workday, Oracle ORC, SAP SuccessFactors SF, ADP WFN, Ceridian DayForce, Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, Cornerstone, Recruitics, Yello, The Mom Project, Taleo Enterprise Edition TEE, Taleo Business Edition TBE, UKG, Avature, Lever, Jobvite, and more.

Integrations are an essential component for successfully implementing new software in your HR stack. Often, out-of-the-box integration solutions fail to unlock the full potential of the software, or the complexity of integration results in longer timelines and higher costs.

Brent Skinner, co-founder of 3Sixty Insights and an industry analyst covering HCM, commended iCIMS for pursuing a comprehensive integration strategy rather than relying on inadequate point-to-point approaches. This partnership equips iCIMS customers, who are primarily enterprise-sized employers seeking talent acquisition solutions, with more robust, scalable, and streamlined integrations.


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