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In September 2023, Beamery chose to partner with The Cloud Connectors to provide integrations for its customers. By harnessing the expertise of The Cloud Connectors' integration consultants, their HR iPaaS, exclusive integration language Cloud Data™, and Smart Connectors, Beamery aims to resolve and simplify its integration challenges. This collaboration will reduce timelines and enhance integration solutions, ensuring better reliability and robustness. It aligns with Beamery's mission to provide: One AI-powered talent platform to hire qualified candidates faster, develop the skills of your workforce, and increase employee retention. Beamery understands the skills your workforce has today – and what you will need tomorrow. Beamery’s solutions fill skill gaps by recruiting better-fit talent, developing employees, or redeploying people to critical projects.

The Cloud Connectors specializes in integration solutions for the Human Resources, HRIS and HCM marketplace. The founders of TCC, all alumni of Taleo (now Oracle), created an integration platform that addresses complexity, reusability, and scalability challenges often overlooked by other providers. Their Click-To-Activate™ technology allows software companies to benefit from scalable integration, reducing implementation time and costs for customers. TCC partners with many of the leading human resources technology solution providers while also addressing the complex integration needs for many Fortune 1000 customers.

Through this partnership, Beamery will leverage The Cloud Connectors' iPaaS, competencies and HR expertise to develop tailored and standardized integration solutions for their customers.

Another significant advantage is the utilization of The Cloud Connectors' Click-To-Activate™ (CTA) integration solution. CTA is a generic, reusable, versionable, and mass-updateable integration solution. Beamery customers will benefit from The Cloud Connectors' integration solutions. Integrations are a critical component for successfully implementing new software in an HR stack. Connecting Beamery to other systems with The Cloud Connectors iPaaS reduces and simplifies implementation to an easy field mapping exercise, reducing costs and timelines.

This partnership empowers Beamery to deliver more robust, scalable, and streamlined integrations, giving them a competitive edge in their offerings.

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