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Data migrations

Integrations to connect systems, data and people

We help organizations meet their business challenges by optimizing their processes:

  • Integrations with Oracle HCM, PeopleSoft, EBS, Taleo, in the cloud and on premise
  • Data migrations with Oracle HCM, PeopleSoft, EBS, Taleo
  • Partner plug ins with your preferred vendors for background checks, assessments, and more!
  • Connect Every Ware! Most advanced and easy to use HCM Integration as a Service (IaaS) platform
  • Data Warehouse and Final Extracts from Taleo in data files and PDFs
  • Tailored services such as Single Sign-On
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Data migrations

Data conversions with Oracle HCM, Taleo, iCIMS, PeopleSoft, EBS and more, from one system to another.

cloud connector services data migrations

Luke’s organization is replacing PeopleFluent with Taleo 2 months from now, so data needs to be transferred from the legacy system to the new one. There are 200,000 candidates and 1,000 jobs in PeopleFluent so Luke needs to have that data migrated quickly and flawlessly in time for the Taleo go live.

Luke is asking himself: ‘How can we successfully transition from PeopleFluent to Taleo?”

The Cloud Connectors perform such data migrations!  We have predefined integrations to import candidate data, resumes and requisitions into Taleo. Our integrations are already built, tested and can be run quickly, thereby significantly reducing costs and meeting your deadlines.

In the event you have custom requirements, we can also adapt data migration integrations to import data into Taleo.

Data migration using The Cloud Connectors’ predefined and tailored integrations enables organizations to migrate data rapidly and efficiently.

Key benefits are on time and on budget data conversion based on your business objectives along with taking advantage of The Cloud Connectors best practices, recommendations and experience which results in better quality data and a smooth transition to your new system.