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The ideal solution to HRIS integration

The ideal solution to HRIS integration

HR will always be a people-centric industry – but that doesn’t mean we should be shunning technology that has the ability to make our lives easier. In today’s modern age, automation is in, and manual processes are out.

The advent of HR systems revolutionized how departments and businesses operate. From payroll to recruitment, vacation requests to performance analytics – most companies are guilty of using multiple management systems that simply don’t interact with each other. And whilst this may seem unavoidable, it typically leads to loss of data, errors and an increase in employee manual efforts.

Introducing The Cloud Connectors.

The Cloud Connectors help organizations integrate all of their separate HR systems, cutting down on manual processes and ensuring that data is shared across each platform. Our time is precious, so we don’t want to be spending it on pointless data entry. The Cloud Connectors build bridges between your HR applications, allowing them to talk to each other and work together. All you have to do is sit back and let your HR software work for itself.

“Our motto is ‘Integration Made Simple’,” explained Pierre Rousseau, Founder and President of The Cloud Connectors. “Integration is a big pain point for HR departments – it’s that scary stage of a project when you’re trying to implement various solutions and optimize all of your systems.

“After all, if none of the HR systems talk to each other you’re going to have to spend a lot of time keying in information across a myriad of platforms.”

And even then, there’s no guarantee that the manual data entry will be correct – you have to account for human error. Not only does it take up valuable time, moving information from one system to another is expensive and unreliable.

The Cloud Connecters built their own 100% web-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) – which allows HR leaders to connect all of their software applications as seamlessly and quickly as possible. From here, provider organizations can then partner with The Cloud Connectors to build solutions for their own customers.

“Our market really is two-fold,” continued Pierre. “Firstly, we have partners who use our tool to build their own solutions and secondly, we use it ourselves to offer integration as a service.”

Let’s face it – HR software is extremely expensive, and many HR leaders are wary that non-integrated systems could lead to lost productivity. By eliminating any risk from the equation and investing in The Cloud Connectors’ iPaaS, organizations will see a huge ROI.

“The internal costs will go down,” continued Pierre. “The time and effort that would have gone into manual data entry between systems can now be put to better use elsewhere in your organization.”

The choice is simple – increased efficiency and sky-high ROIs. Integration Made Simple.


-this article was written by Emily Douglas and is also available on www.hrmonline.ca

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